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3F 17, Seoulsup 6-gil,
Seongdong-gu, Seoul

+82 2-468-7792



What makes YNL design culture great is that creating value beyond imagination. We develop through the team members, design philosophy, and work environment, which means YNL culture shapes what we design today.


  • (01)Why Seongsu?

    When you walk around the cafe streets in Seongsu-dong, you can find good cafes or take a stroll in the Seoul Forest, a lush forest in the city center. Also, many printing shops and startups in shared offices are gathered in the area, enabling you to feel the young and energetic vibes. I guess it is a place where relaxation and youth coexist. For those like us who think about design every day, all these surroundings are an inspiration. That's why we can't move away from Seongsu-dong. We just love this town.

  • (02)What do YNL Designer do for design inspiration?

    YNL designers constantly visit exhibitions and design hotspots over the weekend to get design inspiration from art, sculpture, photography, or interior design. Likewise, we also get motivated by listening to the gallery talks on artwork development. These constant inspiration studies accumulate data in the brain and help us unwittingly bring out our creativity when developing a design. In addition, the experience of encountering various environments enables three-dimensional thinking, which helps in deriving the brand's core value.

  • (03)Please tell us about the future of YNL Design?

    The two most important things to concentrate on when establishing a brand are the meaning and experience of the brand. The meaning of a brand is an important issue related to positioning; it is about strategically choosing prospective customers and brand's promises. To design the overall brand experience, it is necessary to consider all customer touchpoints, which are where the brand meets customers. YNL Design will continue to strive to give a solid, sincere image to the brand design from the beginning using ten or more years of experience in branding, interior design, and know-how in fine art. We intend to focus on making the brand provide customers with information, satisfy their expectations, and please them whenever they meet the brand. To create a new experience and special value for the brand, YNL Design aims to break away from the existing fixed view, expand with a creative vision, and create designs for a better world.


  • 01. Clean up after yourself

    Wash hands, Wash dishes, Flash toilet. Clean up the common space after use. You know what to do.

  • 02. Respect the earphone rule but…

    Don’t disturb others with loud music. Wearing earphones or AirPods is more productive, more focused and less susceptible to distractions. But you know, it should never be given higher priority than colleagues.

  • 03. Take responsibilities

    Whomever is in charge of the project, take responsibility and get your things done on time.

  • 04. Share the snack with the team. Don't eat them all.

    Eating snacks and drinking coffee help boost productivity, but make sure to take only what you can eat so that others can have it, too.